D.A.T offer VR, AR and MR services at a project or business level. We will work with you to develop a cutting-edge strategy with this exciting technology sector and we also able to prepare any model to be compatible with these technologies. 
What are the differences between VR, AR, MR? 
Virtual Reality (VR) is technology that immerses the user into a fully digital, virtual world using a headset that visually blocks out the real world. It allows interaction with the digital objects in your BIM models. 
Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that merges the digital world with the real world and displays this on a screen, so the user can see the digital items merged with real-world surroundings. 
Mixed Reality (MR) can be best described as a combination of VR & AR. Using a headset, it merges the digital world with the real world like AR but allows the user to interact with the digital objects like VR. 
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