Augmented reality (AR) works by overlaying computer generated designs onto real-time camera captured video. This creates the appearance of the generated image being in the exact location in the real world. As the camera streams real-world visuals, a graphics algorithm shows what your project is going to look like when completed. 
For construction projects, augmented reality involves the placement of a 3D model of a prospective design onto the existing space. This combines BIM and the existing space to create an impression of what the finished project will look like. 
This is a useful tool that provides clients with the ability to understand their project in more depth. AR can be helpful in terms of understanding the environmental and social impacts of the project in a visual sense. 
The value of augmented reality in construction begins in the planning stages. It offers the ability to showcase the end product on a realistic level, demonstrating how the structure will benefit or impact its surroundings. 
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